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Chiropractic for Student Athletes

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Participating in sports teaches your child discipline, respect, and hard-work. Your child can also develop problem solving skills and team work. These are all very important skills to help them in life. However, child athletes can also suffer body pains from sports. Working with a chiropractor can help your child play sports more comfortably. Whether your child is a gymnast, football player, or wrestler, chiropractic services can be beneficial:

Prevent Injuries

Many athletes visit our office after the injury has occurred. You should seek preventative chiropractic care before the pain strikes. A priority is to keep your child’s spine aligned. A misaligned spine can cause the following symptoms:

  • Dizziness
  • Balance Issues
  • Limited Range of Motion
  • Tingling in the Limbs and Fingers
  • Nausea

Those symptoms can drastically impact sport performance.

Pain Relief

Many athletes will resort to painkillers to treat a sore body. However, this only masks the pain rather than treating it at the source. A chiropractor will use spinal manipulation to treat hard to treat conditions. Treating the root of the cause provides long-term relief so your child can get back to playing the sport that they love.

Improved Range of Motion

Sports is usually constant motion. The athlete may have to flip, throw a pitch, or score a winning goal. Each of these motions require flexibility of the spine. With chiropractic, your child athlete may experience increased flexibility and reduced stiffness. Most importantly, a flexible spine reduces the likelihood of injury.

Reduce Recovery time

When a child is injured, they want to get back to the sport as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this may result in additional injuries if the child has not yet covered. A chiropractor can form a recovery plan to get your child playing their sport as quickly as possible. Dr. Funk Chiropractic offers a range of other services to increase injury recover such as laser pain treatment, heat therapy, cold therapy, and massage.

Contact Dr. Funk Chiropractic in Roseville, California for superior chiropractic services. We can help student athletes get back to playing their sports again. Contact our chiropractor office today!

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